The last thing anybody wants, is to have someone tell them that one of their most expensive investments, has something wrong with it.  Our home inspections are designed to create a picture for our clients'. A picture that shows: accurate assessment of an entire property, individual component assessments, deficiencies in the major systems of your home, if there are any, and the overall condition of the property being inspected.  First-time homebuyers, sellers, investors, and homeowners that like to be prepared and informed, will benefit from the range of CERTIFIED, PROFESSIONAL, inspection services we offer.  If you don't see what you're looking for, or if you're unsure of what you want, contact us, and we'll help put together a package that meets and exceeds your expectations.  We build our client base, one Certified Professional Home Inspection at a time.    

While Home Inspector certification is NOT REQUIRED in all states, it doesn't mean that homeowners, potential home buyers, and property investors don't PREFER, a Certified Professional Inspector.   We're proud of our accomplishments and we'll use them to ensure our clients' get the best inspection services we can offer, when they need it.   We love Colorado, we love our community, and we believe our clients' deserve the best home inspection service options, so we offer all of our CREDENTIALED (click the icons below), CERTIFIED,  professional, services so that our clients' can enjoy doing what they love.  LIVING COLORADO!

  Our goals are: to provide our clients' with  accurate, insightful, and unbiased assessment(s) of the inspection property(s);  Give the utmost respect for our clients' property, time and needs; and Build trusting, loyal, and professional relationships with ALL of our clients'.  We invite you to email us with any/all of your questions and concerns to :  riverbendhomeinspections@gmail.com